‘Real World: Skeletons’ episode 10 preview: Bruno, Briah and a tuna fish sandwich

Bruno The Real WorldWe’ve already seen a few skeletons walk though the “Real World” house this season as Nicole, Violetta, Sylvia and Tony all faced some very difficult situations, but it’s not over yet… not by a long shot.

Coming up on the next episode of “The Real World: Skeletons” we are going to have the focus move over to Bruno and we are immediately worried for him. Not only have we seen just how crazy bad his temper is as he smashed up the house on a few occasions, but we’ve seen him explode over something as small as Jason eating his left over burger. What is going to happen when his skeleton shows up?

Bruno’s skeleton is a big one as it is his brother Briah. These two haven’t really spoken since the got into a fight over a tuna fish sandwich (don’t mess with Bruno’s food) that escalated into a war of words that was so hurtful to Bruno that he feels he could never forgive his brother. Will he find a way to move past this with Briah as we’ve seen a few of the other room mates do this season or will his anger get the best of him?

The preview reveals that Bruno’s temper is going to flare, but not only at his brother. Seems that Tony will also get some of Bruno’s wrath and let’s face it: Bruno can be a scary guy when he’s angry! We are of course hoping that by the end of the episode some fences can be mended, because its always hard to see siblings fighting this hard, but sometimes you can’t take back what you said or did and these are the real world consequences.

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