‘Real World: Skeletons’ episode 9 review: Nicole faces fear of being hurt

NIcole the real worldLast week on “The Real World: Skeletons” we saw Violetta face not only two of her enemies from back home, but also her own personal skeleton, which was trying to over come her eating disorder. By the end of the episode we saw her make peace with Tia and Jessica as well as push herself to continue to work past her own personal demons. It was not what we expected at all from Violetta’s episode, but we were so happy for it since on a show like the “Real World” you don’t always get moments like this away from the craziness. So who’s turn is it tonight to face their skeleton? Let’s find out.

Nicole: The skeletons that showed up this week were for Nicole and they were her two sisters (the three of them are triplets in case you didn’t know) and this was the first time we saw the so called skeletons show up at the house and get the biggest hugs of their lives. Nicole’s sisters are getting married and have come to have one last blast with her before tying their respective knots, but they really want Nicole to settle down and find someone of her own and leave the party life behind. They both love Nicole (and who wouldn’t love her, she’s adorable), but they don’t like how she treats people and that she plays with people’s hearts. Nicole reveals that she has a very hard time being vulnerable with people and is afraid of getting hurt, but with her sister’s being married and moving away we wonder if this will be the push she needs to find someone of her own?

Bruno: We also learned that you can’t mess with Bruno’s food. He lost his mind over Jason eating his burger and revealed that he and his brother don’t talk because of some fight involving a tuna fish sandwich (of course there’s a lot more to the story then just sandwiches).

Tony and Madison drama: Also if you thought things were over between Tony and Madison after he played three women and had her on the bottom of the list – think again. These two were back in each others arms in the first 5 minutes of the episode. Later of course he was back to his old tricks and was flirting with other women in front of Madison, and it caused her to stand up for herself and end things with Tony. Is it really over? Apparently yelling at Tony only made him want Madison more as won her back by saying that he wants to open his heart be in an official relationship with her now.

We already loved Nicole, but after seeing this episode and getting a deeper understanding of just how fearful she is to open up to just one person and seeing that vulnerability with her sisters, we love her even more. We do hope that this experience helps her to find someone that she can be that vulnerable with that is outside of her family. Episode grade: A-

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