‘Criminal Minds’ season 10, episode 16 review: Prison, guards and murder

Criminal Minds -The last episode of “Criminal Minds” set up a pretty scary story for Kate, who has already gone through quite a tragedy when her sister and brother in law died in 9/11 and Kate and her husband Chris ended up taking in their young daughter Meg. We saw meg and her friend posting messages with a boy they thought was a senior in school and then agree to meet up with him for a date (lying to Kate and Chris about some of the situation of course). When Chris feels bad for okaying the date without talking to Kate first he shows up at the mall to find Meg and her friend getting stood up by this senior, but in reality it’s a stalker that was planning to kidnap them and do who knows what terrible things to them.

If you were hoping for more on Kate’s niece and  her stalker tonight, you are going to be a little disappointed. There was no mention of it and in fact there was no mention of anyone from the main casts personal lives. instead we had a weekly case that took place in a prison. Guards start turning up dead and while at first the crew thinks that an inmate may have done it, the more they look into it they start to wonder if the staff was involved. Turns out some of the guards would take inmates to the basement and make them fight each other and one inmate ends up dead, some of the guards get nervous and begin picking each other off. After the main guard behind all of the murders goes crazy and unleashes all of the prisoners on our crew, it is an inmate that helps bring order to the situation.

We were hoping for a continuation of this story tonight, but this is “Criminal Minds” and they like to jump around a bit when it comes to giving all of their characters some time in the spotlight each week. Unfortunately this week all we really got was seeing Garcia getting a little upset because she wasn’t getting enough flirting time with Morgan (too cute!) Episode grade: C+

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