‘The Walking Dead’ season 5, episode 10 review: Sasha’s anger, and who is Aaron?

SashaAfter losing our beloved Tyreese on the last episode of “The Walking Dead” as well as Beth the episode before we really don’t know how much more heart break we can really stand with this show. We know this is a difficult, sad and terrifying story of survival, but without any hope then what are we really watching for? No one wants to just get depressed every Sunday night, so we are hoping for a few more hopeful moments tonight to pick us back up again. Maybe Michonne’s idea of going to Washington isn’t going to be so bad after all?

It has been 3 weeks since the group left Atlanta and food and water is getting scarce as their bottles are empty and they are eating worms to stay alive – and they still have 60 miles before they hit their next destination. To make things even more dire, their car runs out of fuel and they are forced to walk. When they find a pile of bottled water in the middle of the road with a note saying “from a friend” they decide not to drink it in case it’s a trap… and just when hope is lost, it starts pouring rain.

There’s a lot of pain still circling around the group: Sasha is angry about losing Tyreese and Bob so close together while Daryl is suppressing his pain over losing Beth and Maggie is shedding tears in private over losing her whole family.

Sasha’s anger was a big focus tonight as we saw her run straight into a swarm of walkers to take out her aggression on them and then shoot a pack of dogs without blinking when they attacked the group (and the dogs promptly became their supper).

Daryl leaves the group and is finally able to let his pain over losing Beth come to the surface after taking up smoking (yuk) and then burning himself with the cigarette.

Maggie has been trying to shut out everyone that wants to help her and turns her back on her own kindness. We really saw that tonight when she found a walker in a trunk, but it was an woman with her arms and legs bound and a gag in her mouth – clearly this woman was in a painful position when this all went down. Maggie closed the trunk on her without putting her out of her misery, but then went back and did the right thing.

After a very inspiring speech from Rick where he calls their group “The Walking Dead” (and we cheered inside a little) it snaps some of the group out of their funk, but what really brought them together and lifted their resolve to survive this war against the walkers was when they were trapped in a barn and a huge horde of walkers were trying to break down their door and they had to work together to stop it.

At the end of the episode we saw someone named Aaron show up, knowing who Rick is and asking to talk to him. Who is this guy? We will find out more next week.

It was cool to see the survivors dealing with lack of food and water since both have been mostly plentiful, but what we really liked was seeing the group come together and make the decision to survive. Episode grade: B-

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