‘Better Call Saul’ episode 2 review: Saul gets an offer he might refuse

Better Call Saul season 1Tonight, “Better Call Saul” had an incredible challenge: Trying to follow up on the extremely strong premiere with a second episode that was just as strong as the first one. This show did bring quite a bit to the table once again, and we feel like above all else, it satisfied in showing us one thing: How in the world Saul Goodman a.k.a. Jimmy McGill started down the road to becoming the sleaziest attorney in all of Albuquerque.

Basically, what this all ties to right now is his attempt in the pilot to rip off a thief, which in his mind was the perfect way to get money. This is also a good way to ensure that he is not ratted out to the police. He knows about Kettleman’s crime, and he was able to use that, coupled with lies and a real attempt at looking completely oblivious, as a means to find a way out of his situation with Tuco.

The twist here, of course, is that he is not completely out of this just yet. Instead, he found himself getting a visit (the only visit to his office in forever) from one of Tuco’s men, a sensible one who realizes that there is great value in keeping Saul alive. Specifically, he seems to understand the importance of using him in order to ensure that he can get the money himself and give Saul a finder’s fee. This sets in motion what could be the main story of the season, though Saul is not biting on it just yet.

Instead, what we saw him do is return to his life as a low-level public defender, and also deal with the assorted craziness of his brother, who refuses to have any technology at all in his home. Saul has a complicated life, but with those ER bills of the “victims” of the “accident” (who had their legs stomped on by Tuco), he needs money. Saul may have never descended into corruption by choice so much as necessity, and that is part of what makes this tale now so intriguing. A very strong second episode, even if it lacked the shock value of the first. Grade: B+.

What did you think about this episode of “Better Call Saul”?

(Photo: AMC.)

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