‘The View’: Rosie O’Donnell explains departure further in new video

Are you bummed out that Rosie O’Donnell did not address her departure from “The View” during the show on Monday morning? Well, as it turns out, this was a decision that she decided to make rather than one prompted by the show.

Rosie did release a new video this afternoon explaining some of her reasons, and as you may have heard already, this was not a move prompted by ABC at all. Instead, she decided that it was best for her own personal health that she decide to check out, and move forward with something a little bit different given all the stress that she already has on her at home:

“The truth is, I had a heart attack two years ago, and stress is very bad for heart attack survivors … I’m minimizing my stress by leaving [the show]. And the stress that I’m having at home is not as easily [repaired].

“It’s hard. Marriage is complicated, and I’ve got five kids, four of them are teenagers, and there’s lots of stuff going on at home, and there’s lots of stuff going on at work, and the only thing I can really control is the work, by leaving. I can turn that volume down, all the way to zero, and just focus on what I need to focus on, which is my health and my family.”

O’Donnell and wife Michelle Rounds separated late last year, and this was not something that was an issue for her back when she first decided to return to the show. Ultimately, we cannot fault her for doing something that she feels is best for her, and maybe this shake-up could give the show even more creative options in the long run. In the short-term, though, we’re sure that she will be missed by many.

Do you think that Rosie really needs to justify her reasons for leaving the show? Let us know with a comment.

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