‘Justified’ season 6, episode 4 review: How much trouble is Ava really in?

JustifiedBoyd is in a very tricky situation in this final season of “Justified”: Ava may or may not be playing him for a fool, while we know that Catherine and Wynn Duffy are definitely playing him for a fool. Raylan is hot on his trail to put him away for life and Avery wants him dead. Is there any way that Boyd can get out of this season without dying of going to jail?

Catherine: She has some strong suspicions about Ava’s loyalty and asks to have lunch with her. This lunch couldn’t have been more weird or one sided: Catherine brought up every horrible thing Ava has done (including shooting her husband) and then offered her drugs… which Ava decided to take. They then go to a jewelry store where with Ava’s help, Catherine is able to steal a diamond tennis bracelet. By the end of their girl time together, Catherine reveals that even though she’s sleeping with Avery )her husband’s best friend) she feels strongly that Avery had her husband killed all those years ago and that taking his money will be revenge for that. She of course ends the day with Ava with a veiled threat to expose her when she mentions the guard that framed Ava at the prison and how Catherine can get her hands on him at any point.

Ava: After sleeping with Boyd we were wondering if she was going to fall back into a relationship with him and stop helping Raylan, but that’s not the case. Even if Ava wanted to be true to Boyd, her continued life outside of prison is based solely on helping bring Boyd down. After her crazy lunch with Catherine, Ava is fearful not only that her secret will be exposed but also for her life. She is ready to tell Boyd the truth about it all, but before she can he makes her a lot of promises that sound so good she can’t bare to come clean yet.

Boyd: Thinking his relationship with Ava is back on track he goes to work with Wynn Duffy to find a way to break into that pizza bank vault and steal all of Avery’s cash. They meet up with a guy named Wiz who is apparently fantastic at blowing things up, so they want his skills to help them get into the vault… unfortunately the only thing he manages to blow up is himself.

Raylan: The highlight of this episode for us (besides seeing Boyd and Wynn all covered in pieces of Wiz) was seeing Dickie back on out TV screens. Freaking out when he finds out his land was sold to Loretta. Ty is after her land and she has now rejected the offer twice, so when Raylan finds this out (knowing that a second rejected offer means death to the home owner) he takes Loretta and sits down with Avery himself. Raylan threatens Avery to stay away, but we don’t think it will actually stick.

There was a lot going on in this episode, but the person we feel the worst for right now is Ava. She feel like a character that wants to make the right choices, but she also wants happiness. With the situation she is in, we doubt that there will be a happy ending for her. Episode grade: B-

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