‘The Celebrity Apprentice’: Ranking Vivica A. Fox, Leeza Gibbons, Geraldo Rivera’s finale odds

Vivica A. Fox -There are only two episodes left of “The Celebrity Apprentice” this season, and this means that it’s time to analyze the final contestants with one more contestant ranking!

Sometimes when we get to the final three or the final four, there is a little bit of controversy in regards to who Donald Trump will fire right before the end. However, we do not really get the sense that will be the case here. We feel like there are pretty clear divides from one person to the next, and unless Trump decides to get completely drunk with power (not entirely out of the realm of possibility), we feel like we know where most of the chips are going to fall here.

Now that we’ve said all of that, let’s get to some of the rankings here based on performance, edit, and the all-important “Trump factor” (i.e. whether or not he actually likes you).

3. Vivica A. Fox – Probably the most entertaining when it comes to being fun while still self-aware. The only issue is that she’s lost so many tasks, and hasn’t dominated in fundraising like Geraldo has. Also, we learned through the fights with Kenya that she does not always get along well with others.

2. Geraldo Rivera – Neat … sweet? Well, Geraldo’s time this season has been neat, but it is probably not going to be that sweet in the end unless Trump goes crazy or he raises a trillion dollars during the final task. He’s great at getting money and working his resources. He’s not so great at everything else, and he’s lost a ton of tasks.

1. Leeza Gibbons – She is undefeated as Project Manager, and her team hasn’t lost a task since week 5. Overall, she has an 8-3 record in tasks this season, while her competitors are 4-7. She may not have as many rich friends as Geraldo, but her record and her success to us really speaks for itself.

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