‘The Walking Dead’ season 5, episode 9 review: Tyreese, The Governor and Washington

tyrese-628It has been a while since we’ve had new episodes of “The Walking Dead” on the air and with the way that they left things, every fan is on the edge of their seat to see what is going to happen next now that we have lost Beth. We know Maggie is going to be crushed losing her last family member, but Daryl had become very close to Beth as well.

Tonight’s episodes starts with Beth’s last promise was to Noah, saying that she was going to help him get home, so the group decides to honor that and a small group drives him there saying that he still has hope that his mom and his twin brothers are alive. When they get there, they discover that many of the houses in his neighborhood, along with many bodies have been burned to the ground. Tyreese assures him that he is part of their family now, but Noah runs off to see what’s become of his family home. As suspected it’s mostly a bad scene as he finds his family dead – except for one of his little brothers who bites Tyreese in the arm. Are we going to lose Tyreese? It’s not looking good.

While Tyreese is sitting on the floor dealing with being bitten he’s hallucinating – seeing Beth, Bob and even the Governor, but what he’s really facing are his own inner demons, situations he feels connected to, or guilt over. So are we going to lose Tyreese so soon after losing Beth? Not if Rick and Michonne have anything to do with it – so they amputate his arm, but did it actually save him? Nope, we lost Tyreese, something that we did not see coming so soon after losing another major character in Beth.

This episode really hit us hard and this has easily been the most heart wrenching season of the show, so hearing Michonne say that she wants the priority to be for the group to find a safe place to settle down was hopeful. She suggests that even though there’s no cure, that Washington might still be a viable option and Rick agrees. The only thing that made us smile tonight was seeing how out of control Rick’s beard is, otherwise we may be sobbing all night over losing Tyreese. Episode grade: A-

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