ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 7, episode 13 review: Does Castle want to be a P.I. anymore?

Castle -With “I, Witness” on Monday night, “Castle” aired what was a really strong episode. Was it one that really tied into anything? Not exactly, but sometimes, that doesn’t matter.

The Alfred Hitchcock influences were strong throughout this episode, as we started this episode with Rick noticing a murder. The twist? Not all was as he believed, and this was not entirely a “Rear Window” homage. There were many twists and turns in regards to whether or not there was a real murder, a fake murder and a suicide later, or a fake murder following by a real murder. This was complicated … but also at times fun. It wasn’t the funniest episode that we’ve ever seen, but it really wasn’t intended to be.

After two people died during the case, Castle did start to wonder whether or not working as a PI is really for him. He decided that he was going to “sleep on it” for now, and while it was not a part of this case, we do feel like his time in this role is near the end. This was a fun little detour, but the real meat of this show is him working with the police.

The “light note” of this story was mostly seeing Ryan creating a fake dating profile for Esposito, and it ended up working … just not in the way that Ryan wanted.

We’re not sure that “I, Witness” will be remembered a year down the road, but for a one-off case with many twists and turns, it was pretty great. This one should be a favorite to those watching syndicated repeats in the future. Grade: B+.

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