‘King of the Nerds’ season 3, episode 3 preview: Todd the Bod forms a Toddnado

Todd -Since Todd the Bod on “King of the Nerds” seems to very much enjoy creating nicknames for himself, we thought a Toddnado would be one of the best ways to properly explain what we are going to see on the next new episode of the show.

You see, something happens that makes Todd feel tremendously betrayed, and he goes on a rant comparing someone to Cersei Lannister, who is probably not someone you want to be compared too much to in life. Now, this preview did not necessarily give away who he was speaking about … but there’s probably some obvious context clues from the show, right? We think so. We just don’t want to see Todd in all of his magnificence so upset! If something happens to him, who will play the Clockwork King?

We also wondered when there was going to be some serious drama this season, given that at this point, we have not exactly seen anyone who becomes more of a force of chaos on their team than a force of synergy. Also, you have to wonder just how long this “Secret Six” alliance will remain that very adjective. These are smart people, and sooner or later, they will realize something is up.

If you love unpredictability, the biggest thing to hope for is that the producers will have some sort of team-swap coming like we saw on the show last season. You always want to make it very hard for any player to figure out the game.

For those wondering, we are going to have two separate “King of the Nerds” podcasts this week! We are going to get together early in the coming week to discuss the second episode first, and then later this week, we are planning to be joined by a very-special guest who happened to be one of our favorites from last season. We’ll tease that more in the first podcast coming up.

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