‘King of the Nerds’ season 3, episode 2 preview: The great cosplay showdown

Ep 2 2 -Tonight, “King of the Nerds” returns to TBS with another new episode! In this spot a little later this season we may have contestant rankings or something a little more in-depth, but we honestly don’t know enough about everyone yet to do it right. It would be like judging a video game after going through an hour-long training mission that doesn’t really tie into the main story.

So with that, we thought we’d at least give you a small sneak preview of what will be the Nerd War tonight: Cosplay. Trying to craft great costumes is not something that can be done overnight, which is what makes this particular task Herculean. Typically, good designers have weeks (if not months, sometimes) to assemble their outfits so that they are perfect for conventions. It seems like Lily and Raychelle probably know this especially well, given the costumes that we’ve seen from them doing our pre-show research.

Ep 2 2 -We have to start here by saying that we’re not entirely sure just what the theme of this contest necessarily is just yet, or if they are being judged based on overall quality versus following some specific set of guidelines. At the moment, it feels like Team Hooloovoo (a.k.a. the Blue Team featured above) is completely running away with this. Just based on Lily, Kaitlin, and Raychelle alone, they have the three most impressive costumes of the entire group. (On a different note, is Colby starring in a “Matrix” movie? We’d probably enjoy it more than we did either of the last two.)

Ultimately, we should probably reserve some judgment here and wait for the episode to air … even if that’s not something we necessarily like to do the majority of time.

Our advice for you if you are struggling to wait until tonight for more “King of the Nerds” coverage is head over here, where you can see our full exit interview with Jacob. Also, sign up now to score some other TV updates courtesy of our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: Trae Patton / TBS.)

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