‘Puppy Bowl XI’ live stream: Where can you watch?

Puppy Bowl XIYou may not watch shows on “Animal Planet” on a regular basis (or maybe you do), but on Super Bowl Sunday “Animal Planet” becomes the place to be. Why is that? Well to watch the Puppy Bowl of course!

It may seem like a completely ridiculous concept, watching puppy’s rolling around on fake grass, playing with toys and drinking water, but for those of you out there that don’t want to watch Super Bowl XLIX there is really nothing else airing. That’s what makes the Puppy Bowl brilliant in a way – no competition and for a network that really doesn’t have a lot else going on, this is a smart way to bring in the viewers at least one day of the year.

And bring in the viewers this show does! Along with the actual Puppy Bowl XI game you also get a kitty half time show and some other random animal cheerleaders that they like to change up every year. Also, who doesn’t want to watch cute puppies who only manage to get cuter and cuter as you continue to drink beer and eat chicken wings and pizza?

So where can you catch all of this Puppy action? Well on “Animal Planet” of course, but what if you don’t happen to have this channel? Well then you’re out of luck. There are many websites out there claiming that they have a live stream to the actual Puppy Bowl XI, but in reality over the past few years there hasn’t been any live stream anywhere for the show and that is the case this year as well.

The best you can get (if you don’t have “Animal Planet”) is the “live stream” that the network has on their official website that broadcasts the behind the scenes action. So if you want to watch the puppies sleeping in the back room, there’s a live feed to that on the website, but that’s about all that’s out there if you are looking for a live stream to the game. Sorry to be the barer of bad news, but that’s how it rolls every year.

That being said, we do have “Animal Planet” and will be keeping you updated here at CarterMatt with a review of the show as well as a review of the Kitty Half time show, so be sure to check out the link here where you can get updates on all the MVP’s of the season. Also if you are looking to get more great TV news sent straight to our inbox, then be sure to sign up for our weekly CarterMatt newsletter. It comes out every Sunday and is stuffed full of TV scoop on everything we cover here at the site. (Photo: Animal Planet)

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