‘Parenthood’ series finale spoilers: Expect a mixture of moments

The series finale of “Parenthood” is airing on NBC Thursday night, and while you are going to have a very hard time getting specifics from anyone involved in the show, you may be a little more capable of getting at least a few assorted details about what you can expect.

For example, it would be a mistake to label this last episode either as a celebration, or a period of mourning. It is possible that there could be hardships and triumphs, and based on the way in which the episode decides to play around with time, it is to be seen just how they choose to set up all of these. What we can say is that overall, the finale is not going to stray too far from the mood and the theme of the show. Speaking to TVLine, writer Sarah Watson explained her general thoughts with the following:

“It continues with what the mood has always been: bittersweet … That’s the best way to describe this show. They’re a family, they love each other and they come together. We’re going to see painful things and wonderful things.”

For any show, we imagine that the hardest part of finale is finding a way to actually please the majority of your audience. Everyone now has super-strong opinions about how something should end, and they aren’t afraid to express them. What this show has working for it is mostly that it has always been a bit of an underdog, and that sense of gratitude may be enough to make up for whatever negative thoughts anyone has about the end of the show.

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