‘Shameless’ season 5, episode 4 preview: Frank’s unfortunate news

It really should not shock anyone that there are some hard times ahead for Frank on “Shameless,” and we’re starting to get a pretty good idea of just what these particular hard times are.

In the promo below, you can see William H. Macy’s character start off extremely excited, especially when it comes to the notion that he is finally going to be able to cash in on a six-figure insurance settlement. Remember who we are talking about here, and it should be pretty obvious as to why he is so excited. Unfortunately for him, he runs into a pretty massive roadblock not too long after that, and it puts a damper in his plans: Apparently, he’s already collected it … or somebody has collected it. Expect some chaos to ensue.

As for Fiona, what happens when she gets a confession of love? Even more chaos, most likely. There is talk throughout the entire promo of parties, mistakes, love, and a variety of other matters that all fall into the world of this show. What this is to us is another reminder that there really never is a case of things going well for the Gallagher family, and actually staying that way for a substantial period of time. There is always something that ends up derailing matters one way or another.

We are going to have some further updates when it comes to “Shameless” very soon, so our advice to you is to just be on the lookout for some of that.

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