CBS’ ‘CSI’ season 15, episode 15 review: Superheroes, villains, and mystery

Ready for more “CSI”? With all of the delays due to football we have been missing our weekly dose of one of our favorite crime TV shows, but tonight we are getting a double header with two brand new episodes in a row.

Not a lot going on in this episode when it comes to the main cast stories, but the case of the week is right up our alley: Superheroes! A man posing as a caped crusader hoping to rid the streets of crime and gangs with a stun gun and a can of pepper spray turns up dead after he learned that it’s not really enough power to take down 5 people at once. was it this gang that killed him? Nope it was his step father trying to teach him a lesson that the streets aren’t safe.

As it turns out this superhero was not working alone as the team discovers there are more vigilantes dressed up as superheroes running around the streets trying to protect the city. What we learned from this episode is that this real-life superhero movement is a real thing and people are actually doing this (putting on costumes and trying to fight crime). As much fun as this looks, this is obviously a terrible idea, so if you’re watching this episode and thinking “yeah why not me, I could be Batman”, just remember this… there is only one Batman and you’re not it.

Even though we didn’t have much story when it comes to our main cast (which we always like to see because we love this cast) this was a fun episode with a really interesting case of the week. Maybe it’s because we are nerds that love comic books and the idea of a superhero coming to life (even though he died in the process) but it was such a fun ride. Also, learning that Russell was a Batman fan and read comic books as a teenager made us love him all the more. Episode grade: B+

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