‘The Flash’ episode 10 review: ‘Revenge of the Rogues’ gives you Captain Cold, Heat Wave, and choices

Flash -The winter finale of “The Flash” entitled “The Man in the Yellow Suit” was more than something special. This was the episode that first introduced you to Harrison Wells as (seemingly) the Reverse Flash, and it was also the one that featured Barry Allen finally coming clean about some of his feelings for Iris.

So following this, our expectations were obviously very high for “Revenge of the Rogues.” How could they not be? We were certainly hopeful that this episode would deliver something a little special, since you had the aftermath of all of the aforementioned stories plus both Captain Cold and Heat Wave turning up. These are two characters who comprise a pretty cool team, and they are played very well by Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell. Hooray for all “Prison Break” fans!

While this was all fun, especially given how it was set up in the end to introduce Snart’s sister (played by Peyton List of “The Tomorrow People”), we do have to say that this episode really did not do much to push forward the cliffhangers from the first half of the season. Barry is training to become a more capable hero, while at the same time he told Iris that he was going to try to move forward, and recognize that she is with Eddie and that this does not seem to be changing.

The biggest move that Barry made personally was a literal one, as he is now living with Joe West in the aftermath of Iris moving out. This gives him a place to stay that we can see more on the show (cheers to that), and it helps him to maintain his secret identity better.

After all, the biggest surprise of the night was seeing Captain Cold effectively out The Flash as a hero to all of Central City, where he previously existed only as a myth. He no longer can hide, and this is another step towards what will be his final destiny as the city’s potential savior. Grade: B.

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