‘The Bachelor’: Chris Soules explains Ashley Salter rose

Bachelor -Are we starting to understand Chris Soules’ decision to give Ashley Salter a rose on “The Bachelor” in this past episode? We are at least starting to make a little more sense of it than we were previously.

As it turns out, is Ashley probably a little more sane than she comes across on TV? Probably, but the reality of this sort of show is simple: If you act just a little bit out-there at any point, the show is going to find a way to exploit that. Clearly, they exploited some of her antics on the show and then some, which is why she has so much explaining to do after the fact. This is something that Chris sort-of-insinuated himself to Yahoo in explaining that there were reasons why he gave her a rose that were not mentioned on the show:

“Well there’s another side of that story that didn’t make it to TV. Prior to the rose ceremony, I don’t know if I came up to her or if she came up to me, but I wanted to talk to her after that whole night because it was pretty out there … We [talked] and she apologized. It’s a tough situation to be in and things happen, people act differently — clearly Ashley S. is a little crazy.”

There are many reasons why it may be harder to be yourself on “The Bachelor” than when meeting someone in real life, but one of the simplest ones is just trying to handle the stress of it all. Basically, you are having to put yourself out there, compete against dozens of other women, and also do so while potentially sleep-deprived and away from your normal life. Some people clearly handle it better than others.

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