‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ season 6, episode 13 review: Julie Chen takes over NCIS

Julie Chen -We are going to start this review by openly admitting our love for Julie Chen – She’s great on “The View”, and we love her on “Big Brother”, so when we heard that she was taking a guest starring role on “NCIS: Los Angeles” we were beyond thrilled. Does Chen have the acting chops to keep up with the rest of this cast? Let’s take a look.

Julie Chen is playing Nancy Kelly – an ambassador that has had an assassination attempt by a terrorist on her life. Although she was able to escape, two marines that were with her were not so lucky. With this being a such a sensitive mission, they send only Sam and Callen out to deal with the situation and get evidence of the two marines that were killed. After the team was able to help get the bodies released and back to the USA for burial, Kelly heads to Los Angeles for the funerals. With there being the attempt on her life, and the two deaths, we were a little surprised that she wasn’t questioned earlier about the situation – maybe could’ve been some help to the team?

Now that Kelly is in Los Angeles, the team has their chance to talk with her and they reveal to her that they think it may not have been an assassination attempt, but a possible kidnap attempt. She brings up the idea that she may not have been the target and together they realize that it was actually a man named Harris an operative keeping secrets about an operation going on outside of the USA. Of course, as usual the team was able to take down the bad guys and save the day.

If you were hoping to see more of Kensi and Deeks relationship and how it’s changed now that they are a couple, you may have been a little disappointed with tonight’s episode, but if you love Julie Chen, then this was an epic win (even though there wasn’t nearly enough of her in this episode for our likling). Episode grade: C

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