‘Chicago Fire’ season 3 spoilers: Full trailer for Shay-related ‘Chicago PD’ crossover

Chicago Fire -For most of the first half of “Chicago Fire” season 3, we never really started to consider the possibility that Leslie Shay could have died as a result of arson. We don’t necessarily feel like we were accepting of her fate, but at the same time, we probably were at a point where we just accepted what happened to her, and then decided to move on.

Well, we don’t have to do that anymore courtesy of the upcoming February 3 crossover event. This will feature the Chicago Fire Department and the PD teaming up to determine what really happened here, and how Shay may have been murdered as a result of the blaze. The Fire team did an exemplary job of determining that this was in fact arson and not some freak accident, but they don’t have the manpower to handle an investigation and their day job. This is where the police come in. You can see some of them below, teaming up with some familiar faces.

“Chicago Fire” and “Chicago PD” crossovers are probably going to be something that is a fabric of these two shows as long as they both exist. What we really admire here is the bravery from Dick Wolf and the other members of the production staff. After all, how many other shows do this many crossovers in a year? You have to worry about alienating people who watch only one show and not the other, but somehow, they have figured out a way for that to not be a problem, at least so far.

There is no new episode of “Chicago Fire” coming up in the immediate future, but be sure to check out all of our other recent coverage related to the show!

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