‘Law & Order: SVU’ season 16 spoilers: Show will address Bill Cosby controversy in its own way

Law & Order: SVU logoAnyone who watches “Law & Order: SVU” at this point most likely knows very well that this is a show that tends to rip stories right from the headlines, and then throw them into the universe. Often, it is a way to offer up a new perspective on current events, or bring light sometimes to issues that are not always clear.

When it comes to the Bill Cosby accusations, nearly everything is clear already save for the facts. While there may not be proof of guilt when it comes to the actor / comedian, there have been dozens of women have come forward claiming that they were sexually assaulted over the past several decades. Cosby has denied the accusations.

While the NBC series is not necessarily doing a story that is a straight-up representation of the Cosby headlines, it does appear very much like they are at least set to air an episode that may be inspired in part by the headlines.

Speaking this week to Sean Daly of The TV Page, executive producer Dick Wolf had the following to say about such an episode:

“We’ve already [made] it … But as I’ve said for 20 years, all of the LAW & ORDERs are fiction.

“…It is obviously, low lying fruit. Not that specific event, but that sequence of events. I am not sure of the air date, but it is coming.”

We know that there are going to be people who proclaim that this moment is coming too soon, mostly because there always is. For us, our perspective is that timing is not so much the issue as it is content. If the episode is done well, then it can be done at any time. The installment earlier this season, inspired in part by Ray Rice and with Chad Coleman guest-starring, is a fantastic example of that.

(Photo: NBC.)

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