‘Parenthood’ season 6 spoilers: The series finale plans and more

Tonight, there is a new episode of “Parenthood” airing on NBC, and it is going to be one that continues to set us in motion towards what will be one of the most powerful episodes to date in the series finale. After all, how would you expect this episode to not be emotional? Remember here that this is a show that has been on the air for over half a decade, and has been the ultimate underdog for a good chunk of that time.

So with this final episode, the plan right now seems to be tie up all of the loose ends for Sarah and the rest of the characters, while simultaneously also reminding viewers of the full scope of the show’s journey. Speaking to TV Guide, show creator Jason Katims explained specifically how a few little storylines in this big episode should even go so far as to remind you of the early days of the pilot:

“We really wanted to give the show an ending that, first of all, satisfied and answered all of the questions that have been set up through the season and particularly starting in the 100th episode. I think that the episode does answer all of those questions, but I think that beyond that the episode is also a way of really honoring the whole series. There are callbacks in the episode to things we’ve seen from the very beginning of the show. Baseball, for example, plays a role in the final episode and that was something that we saw in the pilot and then later throughout the first couple of seasons, when Max was playing baseball and Drew played baseball and later, once Victor came into the family, baseball became his way into that family in a way, so we call back to that. It’s also a big episode that has lots of scenes of the entire family together, more so than what’s usual, kind of like the 100th episode.”

The only thing we can advise here is to have a box of tissue ready, since there will probably be some tear-jerking moments throughout. Still, we’d be surprised if the show ends on a down note. While there have been tragedies that have befallen this family over the years, we feel like at its core, “Parenthood” is a show above the love and hope that binds a family together, even during the hardest of times.

We’ll definitely have some further TV scoop as we get closer to the end of the road, so be on the lookout for that.

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