‘Law & Order: SVU’ season 16, episode 11 review: A different kind of ‘Hollywood story’

Law & Order: SVU logoWe have seen a variety of different cases on “Law & Order: SVU” over the years that have featured Hollywood stories, but there hasn’t quite been one that matches Wednesday night when it comes creepiness.

The central case this week was of a young girl who was found by authorities after a rowdy night, and one that involved a popular actor becoming a suspect in a sexual assault. He was a manipulative man, but does that mean that he is a rapist? This was complicated further by the fact that his manager was completely money and power-hungry in a variety of different ways, and she would do everything to protect some of her own. We learned that fuller at the end of the episode.

Was this the cleanest episode that we’ve ever seen for the show? Not really. The story at times was a little harder to follow, and one of the reasons for that was simply because young Madison continued to change her story, and it was hard to tell who was guilty, and who was telling the truth. We suppose this was a nice window into the soul of Benson and the SVU, but this does not mean that it was particularly easy for us to follow from the outside.

As for the ending, we’re not really sure what we learned. It was certainly not one of the cleanest endings of the season, and we at least know that much. Hopefully, we’ll see something that is a better exercise in precision next week. Grade: B-.

(Photo: NBC.)

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