‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 5, episode 14 review: Did Alison really kill Mona?

More scoop -Pretty Little Liars” returned to ABC Family tonight with “Through a Glass, Darkly,” an episode that asked a variety of different questions. With this being said, there is still one that is going to rise to the top in terms of importance for many: Did Alison really kill Mona?

At the moment that she was arrested, we were starting to believe that maybe she was. There was some substantial video footage that showed a blonde woman killing Mona, and that seemed to be proof enough for Jason to rat out his sister. For a little while, he tried to argue that she was with his family at Thanksgiving. Alas, that was not actually the case.

After Ali’s arrest, Emily tried to use this information in a last-ditch attempt to convince Paige to stay in Rosewood, and not move to San Francisco to be closer to her parents. Despite her arguments, Paige decided that she needed to move on, feeling like it was the best thing for her right now. She may love Emily and vice-versa, but Paige pretty much did what any logical person would do in her position: Run away from Rosewood! Why would you want to stay in this place of insanity, where it feels almost like everyone could die at any second?

Aria spent the episode trying to get closer to Mike, who was suffering mightily not such from Mona’s death, but the sudden canonization of her by people who did not really know her.

We ended tonight with a fireworks display that seemed to make one message at least somewhat clear, and that was that despite all that happened, Ali may have been as innocent as she proclaimed. How else would she have lit the fireworks? She is clearly hiding something, but may not be the killer. That is the mystery that should make us as viewers hooked for at least the rest of this season. We wish that we found out more real answers tonight, but Spencer getting cleared and Ali getting arrested should be enough for good. Grade: B.

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