‘Scorpion’ season 1, episode 13 review: Did Walter get Ralph in trouble with CIA?

Is history repeating it’s self on tonight’s episode of “Scorpion”? Looks like it could be that way as Ralph is in deep trouble because of something Walter taught him. How much trouble is Ralph really in? Let’s take a look.

Ralph was playing a game online behind his mother’s back and found a secret level that was actually a secret map that showed the real life location of where two CIA agents and an informant were hiding out and later killed. Ralph is then picked up by the CIA saying that there was only two people that found this secret level in the game and Ralph was so far into it that they think he may have been the one to leak the secret location to the killers or that he was the person who designed  the game.

Ralph is then questioned about why he was in the dark web, how he found this game, and who designed it and Ralph reveals that Walter taught him encryption and about the dark web. That’s how he found the game because the dark web is where the most cutting edge encryption is and Walter thought that they were having fun, not realizing that Ralph is not at an appropriate age for that stuff.

So who really hacked the CIA and put the information on the safe houses in the games floating around on the dark web? As it turns out it’s not only some hacker online, but as it turned out Ralph actually helped “design” the game by making a suggestion and it’s not looking good (luckily Ralph is able to help find the game designer and the man leaking the secret locations so he’s off the hook).

Walter feels incredibly guilty for getting Ralph in so much trouble – he was just trying to help show him other people like him, but he realizes that showing him the dark web was a mistake. He starts to understand that he can’t just be Ralph’s friend, but he also has to be an adult. Drew is concerned that Walter is treating Ralph like an adult and that’s not ok so he’s planning on getting that baseball job in Portland so that he, Ralph and Paige can have a better life – not as a couple but as a safe family away from team Scorpion. Will she take that offer and leave the team?

This was a really interesting episode of “Scorpion” and we love how this show introduces us to story lines that we rarely get to see on TV. It was also great to see an episode that was centered around Ralph since he’s supposed to be a bigger part of the show. Episode grade: B+

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Scorpion” and do you like the direction the show is going? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you want to see happen.

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