‘The Bachelor’ spoilers: Who was with Chris Soules in the tent?

Chris Soules -After the new episode of “The Bachelor” that aired tonight on ABC, there was the sort of epic super-tease that we have long seen for the show. With that being said, this one may actually hold the title for being absolutely the most insane one that we’ve seen to date.

Why is that? It is simply a matter of all of the hookups, the crying, the medical emergencies, and one particular moment that could change everything. Basically, it looks like Chris Soules may have done some dirty business with someone in a tent. Is that completely unheard of with this show? Not really, but if it happened, someone should tell him that there are a few lines that you really should not cross early on in this season. That’s one of them. He clearly has to go on an apology tour after the fact.

As for who the woman could be, there were a few clues just from the hair color alone. Also, you think that she is probably one of the more aggressive women this season, and someone who is not afraid to anger everyone else in the house.

The funny thing here is that typically, these women do not typically end up winning the competition. Instead, they get sent home right before the final two, the final rose, or some other milestone. There’s obviously one big exception here in Courtney Robertson, but that is more of a special case of a Bachelor who was not particularly great at being the Bachelor in the first place.

The thing Chris has to worry about here long-term is doing anything to potentially jeopardize his own position with the women long-term, given that he wants these ladies to trust him. Also, he wants America to root for him, as well, since being the next Juan Pablo is not something anyone wants.

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