‘The Bachelor’ review: Britt Nilsson, Tara Eddings shock Chris Soules in premiere

Bachelor -Tonight, we hope you were prepared for a heck of a crazy experience. “The Bachelor” premiered on ABC, and it was a MASSIVE three-hour affair that really did not need to be anywhere near this long. The first hour was mostly buildup, including some really awkward interviews featuring Chris Harrison and former contestants. That one with Nikki Ferrell was, to be blunt, rather painful.

Eventually, though, we got the farmer from Iowa on or screen in Chris Soules, taking his shirt off and taking all about why he wants to find love. There are no women in his tiny town, but he went from that to having to meet 30 of them within the short span of just one night. This was chaotic, and made even more so by the way the show put all of this together. They introduced 15 of them, then, after a brief pause where Chris started to think it was over, we met fifteen more! To put it bluntly, this was chaotic and then some.

Early highlights – Among the first 15 ladies were a number of interesting women. You had Reegan, who showed up with a cooler with a fake heart in it; then, there was Tara, who came out of the limo twice wearing different outfits. Kelsey decided not tell Chris everything right away, while fertility nurse Whitney and Hollywood waitress Britt each made solid early impressions.

The second group of limos – This one was a little all over the place with cheesy gimmicks. Carly brought out karaoke, Nicole wore a big snout, and thanks to the anger of the first 15 women. Also, Chris apparently wants to be a polygamist. He’s joking, right?

Weird moment #1 – Apparently, Ashley Salter is a little out there. Her whole bit about onions was a little bizarre, and that is one of the biggest understatements possible. It was EXTREMELY bizarre. We’re still trying to figure out what that was about.

Weird moment #2 – What is going on with Tara Eddings? Do these people not watch the show? If we were on the show, we wouldn’t drink at all. Handle the nerves, and that’s the best way to avoid a disaster.

First Impression Rose – A smart choice here with Britt Nilsson. She seems very nice! We don’t know much about her other than that she is a Hollywood waitress, but she seemed to go about being around him in the absolutely perfect way.

Surprising roses – We’ll start with Kaitlyn, who was certainly profane on meeting Chris and kind of awkward later with the dancing lessons. There was a pause at one point during the ceremony, but Chris leaving midway through is something that does happen sometimes. After all, that’s how you keep track of the names! Tara getting a rose is something that many were furious about, but it’s about connection. If he felt something for her, it’s better to keep her than someone with no connection.

Notable exits – We lost Reegan, mother of two Michelle Davis (a favorite of ours before the show), Nicole and her pig snout, and “secret admirer” Amanda, who now has to go and admire someone else.

Kimberly Sherbach also left tonight … sort of. She is the cliffhanger of the week, since she is trying to stick around. Will she? We’ll have to wait and see!

This episode was for the most part entertaining, crazy, and dominated by the female contestants. We just wish it wasn’t so LONG. Grade: B.

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