‘Downton Abbey’ season 5, episode 1 review (PBS): We didn’t start the fire

More news -Welcome to our “Downton Abbey” reviews: The American edition! We already reviewed each individual episode when they aired back in the United Kingdom in the fall, so we’re taking a somewhat different approach to things here. Basically, it revolves around giving you a discussion about something very specific that took place, and is in need of further analysis.

Let’s preface this particular discussion about that Edith – fire sequence by saying that if you do want to read that aforementioned full review, head over to the link here.

What made the fire scene so interesting to us was not the physical act of it; when you consider the near-limitless money Edith’s family has (that whole failed investment bit has disappeared into the void, hasn’t it?), we don’t think of there being so much of an issue with fixing the damage. It is more about how this moment is indicative of Edith’s entire life. Everything is burning. She has given up her daughter, the one person in this world she can love unconditionally and without a second thought. Just if that was not hard enough, the situation with Marigold is not ideal, and she has to hide the truth still from money. As this situation worsens, so does her depression. No one among her family seems truly interested in understanding her fully, Gregson is gone, and Mary is especially cold to her.

In moving past the fire, there are emotions that any person should have, with one of them being fortune. You are lucky to be alive! Also, it’s a new beginning, and a chance to emotionally rebuild. Throughout this season, we imagine there will be questions in regards to what is the low point for Laura Carmichael’s character, and whether or not she is doing the right thing to turn her fate around.

The fire scene was important to her in two days: It may have woken her up to reality, and also told other members of the house that her soul is burning. Emotionally, she needs a rescue, and a desperate way to acquire some relief.

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