‘The Flash’ spoilers: A tease of Barry Allen’s future adventures

The Flash -As of right now, we are not in the thick of spoiler season for “The Flash.” It’s been almost a month since the winter finale aired, and it will be another two-plus weeks until “Revenge of the Rogues” airs on The CW.

So while you wait, why not take a look at some upcoming episode titles? We haven’t loved these as much as we’ve loved “Supernatural” titles over the years, but they do at least give you a partial indication most of the time about what lies ahead story-wise. These titles come courtesy of SpoilerTV, and there are some references to literary work in here to go along with the typical teases for Barry Allen and company. (As of right now, these episodes will air from January 27 through February 10.)

1×11, “The Sound and the Fury” – We’ll take any reference to William Faulkner that we can with this show. Could this be the Pied Piper episode? We know that it will be coming at some point early next year.

1×12, “Crazy for You” – This title alone is a ‘shippers delight, but we’d take it more to mean that someone is going to be driven a little insane, potentially be a metahuman on the scene.

1×13, “The Nuclear Man” – This one feels pretty obvious as a Firestorm episode. “The Nuclear Man” is the subtitle for one of the first comics featuring the character in a starring role. Even if he is not in the three episodes preceding this one, it’s clear that the show is not going to be making us wait for an extremely long time.

One of the reasons we especially feel like “The Nuclear Man” will be a big episode is because the show originally had only 13 episodes to work with, and they likely set this one up to be a huge one, just in case there was no pickup for additional episodes. Luckily, that happened, but we’ll still get a chance to enjoy a great story.

If you want to see other details on “Revenge of the Rogues,” the network recently released the full synopsis for it. Also, head over here in a flash to get some additional TV updates courtesy of our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: The CW.)

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