‘The Bachelor’ spotlight: Can Whitney Bischoff bring love and care to Chris Soules?

Bachelor -Today, we’re finally concluding our “Bachelor” spotlight series with a woman who, at least on paper, seems to have quite a bit of what Chris Soules is looking for in Whitney Bischoff. Does she have everything? There are a couple of things we are worried about, but for the most part, everything looks and feels like she will be a person to watch out for over the course of this season.

Just a quick reminder before we dive in here: In addition to all of the other spotlight articles that we’ve been working on the past 30 days, we are going to also have our pre-show episode of the “Bachelor” podcast up later tonight. Be sure to check that out, since you are going to get our full take on Chris, the women, and who we think are five women to watch. (No spoilers on that! Also, there are no spoilers within this article.)

Age – 29

Location – Chicago, Illinois. A good potential place for her to be. While we don’t necessarily think that she is set in stone on living there, it’s also helpful to her that this is a major city at least reasonably close to Iowa. Therefore, he could move away from the farm, but still be less than a five-hour drive away.

Occupation – Fertility nurse. Specifically, Whitney works in IVF, so she has a nursing job that is one of the happier ones to have, since you are working to find ways for couples to have children. There’s a built-in story here of spending so much time helping others, but not having a family of her own. The only downside is that if Chris is hard-set on not being more than a couple hours from the farm, we don’t know how many IVF clinics there are away from larger cities, since it is a specialized job.

Bio highlights – There is nothing altogether notable in terms of achievements or activities away from the show, but despite being in a big city, she describes herself as “old school” when it comes to planning out her days. That’s a little more of a small-town way of thinking.

Strengths – Whitney is not trying to get a modeling career through the show, or hoping to be in the limelight forever. She reminds us a little of Ashley Hebert in that she seems to already have a good career, and just wants something more to go with that. She also describes herself as outgoing, and likes a man who wants to be pursued. This means she could thrive in this sort of setting.

Weaknesses – What we worry about is her biggest fear of “being alone,” mostly because that may cause you to think impulsively just to make sure that you get the man no matter if he’s the right fit for you or not. We could see her diving in to this experience, doing well, but then at some point along the way take a step back and wondering what she is doing.

Prediction – Whitney should make it far without a problem. She’s got too much going for her in terms of location, career, and her personality. Her issue is probably going to come in the later weeks, when things are getting serious and she starts to wonder if this is really the guy for her, or who she wants to be the guy for her.

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