‘The Biggest Loser’ review: Was Woody, Lori, or someone else eliminated?

Happy New Year! With there being such a limited programming lineup tonight, we thought it would be a good idea to check back in with “The Biggest Loser.”

Did we hate the theme of this from the beginning? Definitely. The “Glory Days” part of this competition is actually overblown, since it is barely recognized on the show. Still, we feel like the average American wants to see people that they can superficially relate to as contestants. That gets them hooked.

The worst part of this episode was simply the super-corny forcing of New Year’s Day down our threats. Given how obvious it is that this was recorded months ago, why even pretend? It gives us the impression that they believe us to be idiots, and it is even worse then they force the contestants to talk about it like it’s January 1.

We said goodbye to Jordan tonight, as he narrowly lost a comeback battle to re-enter the competition against Scott. The man is a total beast! There was only a tiny difference between the two, but Scott has now won three of these in a row.

As for the rest of the episode, we saw the remaining contestants return to the ranch after some time in Hawaii, where they all spent a little bit of time trying to get into shape away from the gym. Lori won an advantage in a task, and after it was revealed that she lost three pounds, this was something she needed to improve her odds.

Was it enough to keep her around? Barely. Woody lost only three pounds, and that was enough to send him out of the main competition. Most everyone left is fairly likable, and despite this season starting off on a bit of a bum note, there is a chance for there to still be a solid winner at the end of this. Grade: B.

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