ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 4, episode 11 video: Emily and Victoria, cooped up together?

Revenge -Well, this is probably not going to end well. Based on the latest sneak peek below from Sunday night’s new episode of “Revenge,” David Clarke puts on his father-figure pants, and basically puts Emily Thorne on a time-out. The only twist here is that in this world, time-out means having to stay in a house with Victoria Grayson, and right after you are responsible for the death of her son Daniel, who you forced a relationship with as a further way of destroying the family.

So basically, what we’re saying here is that Victoria is not going to be having a good time, and being around Emily is going to be the poison icing on top of an already-awful cake.

The reason that David is so irate with his daughter is pretty obvious: She was told not to get involved in the world of Malcolm Black … and then she goes and does it anyway. Are we surprised? Not even a little bit, but now he’s convinced that he needs them on guard for the sake of their own safety.

Now that we’ve said all of this, we still do not have any clue as to what the show is doing with the David character. Interestingly, they’ve done a much better job introducing Louise this season than him, and Louise doesn’t have a long-standing attachment to the show. Part of the problem with David is that we’ve never quite understood either his motives or the air of cluelessness that he puts on; hopefully, the second half of the season will address both of these and then some.

Following Sunday night’s “Epitaph” (which features the funeral for Daniel), there are some other stories coming up throughout the rest of the month. Then, we would say to anticipate a hiatus until March.

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