CNN New Year’s Eve 2015: Kathy Griffin dyes Anderson Cooper’s hair

Every year on CNN, Kathy Griffin manages to do at least one thing on the New Year’s Eve special that really gets people talking. Sometimes, that means taking off her clothes, handcuffing herself to Anderson Cooper, or insulting people who are pretty innocent. Ironically, during tonight’s episode the biggest burn came from Anderson, as he tried to pretend that former host Piers Morgan no longer existed.

So what we the big “moment” tonight? It probably lacked the pizzazz of some of the other things we’ve seen Kathy do over the years, but there is still some humor in watching her dye Anderson’s hair various colors. Specifically, she dyed part of it red, part of it blue, and then left the middle white. Basically, it was an American flag!

As for her strategy in doing so, Kathy claimed that she wanted to do something that Anderson could not get that upset about, mostly because he would never want to appear “un-American” by bashing the colors of Old Glory.

Of course, this is all on Anderson for agreeing to close his eyes so that Kathy could “surprise” him. Still, we give him some credit for being so game to go along with this insanity year after year. He knows more or less that it is coming, and yet he still embraces it with a smile. Also, kudos to him for figuring out a way to balance being a serious newsman, and then doing this ridiculously silly thing year after year.

Happy New Year to all! We know we’re excited to bring you more TV coverage throughout the year.

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