‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ spotlight: Why is Geraldo Rivera here?

Geraldo -Let is be known that we don’t mean the title of this “Celebrity Apprentice” spotlight article to be disrespectful to Geraldo Rivera. The guy’s done a ton in his career! It’s more raising the question as to why in the world he, at this point, would want to do something like this. “The Celebrity Apprentice” is a very silly show; isn’t this a guy who, at least in theory, is meant to be taken seriously? (Mustache of course aside.)

We’ll probably spend some time trying to figure out how this casting happened. Maybe he is a good pal of Donald Trump’s, or lost a bet or something. Regardless, let’s go ahead and try to suss out how he will do in this competition.

Claim to fame – A longtime TV host / journalist who has done quite a bit. He was at one point a renowned investigative reporter, and later became a daytime talk show host. Now, he appears regularly on Fox News.

Strengths – He’s super intelligent, and obviously hard-working to get to the point that he is in his career. He also understands branding; that is why he keeps that ‘stache regardless of whether or not it is in style. We also figure that he and Trump at least know each other, and if nothing else, there is mutual respect there. That’s never a bad thing going into a season of this show.

Also, let’s talk performance in tasks. Geraldo is super-recognizable, and also probably knows a lot of wealthy people just from Fox News alone.

Weaknesses – Is he out of touch a little bit with younger demographics? Sure, and we’ve certainly seem him make controversial comments at times. While he may be very good at some aspects of the show, we question if a group of younger egos will want to listen to a 71-year old man. Also, what’s his drive to do that well at this? As we said, he doesn’t really need the show to be famous.

Charity Life’s WORC. Maybe this is why Geraldo is on the show, since it will bring so much attention to this cause. This organization works to assist people with disabilities, and allows them to better live a life they can be proud of.

Prediction – NBC loves that 18-49 demographic, and we’re not sure that Geraldo will make it to the finals as someone who will not really bring in that young audience. (Let’s face it; this show is one giant conspiracy.) Previews have already spoiled more or less that he is the first Project Manager, so if he survives that, he should last for a long time.

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