‘Arrow’ season 3 debate: Should Oliver, Felicity get together before finale?

Arrow -Often, there are shows out there who are criticized extensively for not listening to some of their fans, and merely doing the same thing time and time again either because they want to, or because they want to stick to a plan that was devised long before the show premiered.

Arrow” is not one of these shows. No one planned going into this seemingly for Oliver and Felicity to be the primary romance, but it has happened regardless, mostly as a result of the huge groundswell of support behind the pairing. They have not been together so far, but in the winter finale, Oliver finally admitted that he loved her to her face, and not seemingly as a part of some ploy to trick Slade Wilson.

So where do the two parties go from here? It’s an interesting debate, but we suppose that the first real issue here is merely that Oliver is “dead.” It’s hard to tell if Felicity or Diggle will know anything different when the show returns January 21. We don’t imagine that Oliver really is, but these characters have to find a way to move on with their lives.

If Felicity thinks that Oliver is gone, how will she react? Maybe it brings her closer to Ray Palmer as she searches for comfort, or maybe it pushes her away into isolation for a time? Just in case her emotions have not been on enough of a rollercoaster ride, this is only adding to the craziness.

What we hope for from Felicity is mostly stability for a while, whether it be with Ray, Oliver, or someone else. She needs to have time to be appreciated, and not only for sporadic moments before big events take place.

As a longtime Oliver / Felicity supporter, we hope this stability comes from him … but only if it is organic, and we continue to see him realize more and more how much he needs her in his life. She needs to be pursued by him, and if it is easy, it is not nearly as rewarding in the end. It could work if the two are together by the end of the season, but we’re happy with however long the ride takes, so long as it is earned.

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