The ‘Today Show’ musical is finally here (video)

Let us start this particular article on “The Today Show” with the following: We are not entirely sure that anyone actually asked for a musical based around the show. Sometimes, we have trouble asking for the show itself after some of its stunts, such as what happened to Amy Adams last week.

Nonetheless, Monday morning brought us a lengthy, 14-minute production that featured most of the show’s anchors and crew members performing … including an appearance from Regis Philbin to go along with it. We’re not entirely sure any of this makes sense, but that is probably not the point of it, anyway.

In all honesty, we found most of this to be loud and pretty insufferable, and we say this as a longtime fan of Regis’ and someone who wanted to enjoy this little production. It just comes across as extremely loud, and almost trying to be a combination of “30 Rock” and “Peter Pan Live.”

With all of this being said, we don’t have a problem with “Today” trying something new. They are behind “Good Morning America” in the ratings, so anything to give them that little boost is probably something that they can get behind. Also, the show is still in need of good publicity. They’ve been in hot water with some fans ever since the whole Ann Curry dismissal, and the One Direction interview / Amy Adams cancellation have not really helped matters. The show feels like it is one without an identity, struggling to be either a serious news show or fun entertainment catering to young, pop culture fanatics.

That’s at least our take. What do you think of this video? Share with a comment.

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