John Oliver completely destroys New Year’s Eve in new ‘Last Week Tonight’ clip

While “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” is currently on a bit of a holiday hiatus, this is still not stopping the host from putting out the occasional video.

The reality here is that Oliver recorded this latest segment all about New Year’s Eve prior to closing down the studio for the year, and HBO just stored it to make it into an online exclusive for the week. In our mind, a smart move. This gives the show content year-round, and prohibits it from being forgotten about entirely.

In this new clip, Oliver takes to task hilariously New Year’s Eve traditions, and even offers up a few suggestions for how some people out there can successfully deal with the holiday. This includes excuses that you can make to get out of attending particularly frustrating parties, or also ways to just hide out and avoid the hysteria. It’s short, but still worth a few laughs.

With all of this being said, we do still prefer the lengthier Oliver takedowns to anything else that he does, mostly because they make his show somewhat different from “The Daily Show.” They are often similar, but while Jon Stewart chooses more to go in rapid-fire with his critiques, Oliver opts more for longer editorials, pointing out problems that you may not be that aware of.

Since his move over to HBO, Oliver has flourished over time, and may now even be an Emmy candidate. He certainly has one of the smartest social-media teams out there. While parts of the show are kept only to HBO subscribers, the network has not been too precious with keeping the rest of his content under wraps, knowing that his videos do give them a sense of added publicity.

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