‘Better Call Saul’ spoilers: New trailer contains actual footage!

Better Call Saul season 1How about this for something that is nice to see before Christmas: A promo for “Better Call Saul,” and one that actually features something new for a change: Real, genuine information about the show, at least in the form of some scenes from it.

We feel like most who enjoy “Breaking Bad” will probably find the majority of this to be a good time, at least in that most of what you enjoy from the Saul Goodman character is still here. You have some of the classic humor for sure, and then to go along with that, we have a few moments in here that serve as real reminders that this guy was at one point not anywhere near the hotshot that he was at the time he first met Walter White. (Then again, was he really much of a hotshot then, either?)

The biggest thing that we anticipate looking forward to here is learning a thing or two more about who Saul is as a character, and whether or not he is someone who always had it in him to exhibit this sort of behavior. Is this something that he picked up as a result of the law game, or has he always had this level of deviousness within him?

This series is going to begin its two-night premiere starting on Sunday, February 8, though there are some other new episodes that will be starting up on Mondays beginning the very next day. That will be the show’s typical schedule.

Does this promo for “Better Call Saul” actually make you a little more excited for the show to return? Share with a comment.

Photo: AMC

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