‘Ink Master: Merry Ink’ review: Tatu Baby, Sausage, Jime Litwalk, James Vaughn compete

merry-ink-jime-litwalkHave you missed seeing some of your favorite “Ink Master” artists? Well Spike TV has found a way to bring them back into our homes this holiday season with their very first holiday special called “Merry Ink” (their second special called “New Year’s Ink” airs next Tuesday, December 30th). We will be seeing Sausage, Tatu Baby, James Vaughn and Jime Litwalk returning to the competition tonight to compete for $10,000. Jime and Tatu Baby have already competed against each other, so this will be fun to watch. Also it’s great to see James back from season 1 since we haven’t heard much from those artists since the show.

1st elimination tattoo: The artists are being judged on detail and composition for the 1st tattoo. The canvases will be here for all of the eliminations tattoos and each want several holiday themed tattoos – this is crazy, not only because they want so many holiday tattoos, but how much pain can they take??? There’s one new school tattoo and of course Jime wants it, but it goes to James. Tatu Baby got a little screwed by getting a canvas that wants mangle Christmas lights, but she was able to talk her canvas into adding another element (a skull) that may be able to get her out of this mess. Best tattoo of the day went to Jime! And who left the first round? Tatu Baby, which was a real shame since we like her a lot, but she has always seemed to have difficulty when it comes to anatomy.

2nd elimination tattoo: In this round the same canvases all want winter wonderland tattoos and they are testing shading and contrasting. Jime gets to power to assign the canvases because he won tattoo of the day and he of course picked the new school gingerbread house, but this canvas was difficult to work with when she worked with James the first round. James didn’t fare that well this round either since he was given a tear out piece on the ribs. Tattoo of the day went to Jime again and we lost Sausage, who was really great, but James has come back ready to win this thing.

3rd elimination tattoo: Jime and James are tattooing Santa on their canvases and precision and texture are the name of the game with this final tattoo. Jime again has the power to assign the canvases – a huge advantage since the difficult canvas is back in the mix. Of course he gives her to James and she wants some pretty specific things, like her nose on Santa’s face and Jime was able to tattoo a new school Santa. So who took home the $10,000 cheque? Even tough James had a pretty rad tattoo of Santa riding a reindeer like a motorcycle, Jime took home the win with his new school Santa.

This was a complete joy to watch and now we want an all-stars season more then ever before! So amazing, so much fun and the holiday tattoos were a lot of fun. Also… kudos to these canvases getting two and three tattoos in a row… they’re hardcore. Episode grade: A-

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