‘White Collar’ series finale: Boss on end for Matt Bomer’s Neal, Tim DeKay’s Peter

WhatLet’s not beat around the bush here: We loved the hell out of the “White Collar” series finale tonight. It did everything that we hoped the series would, and then some. It got Neal to Paris, hinted that Mozzie could be coming soon, and more than anything else, created a great ending that gave the characters what they wanted, while not necessarily closing the door on the future.

Basically, the show proved so much that collaboration can be great. Speaking to TVLine, show creator Jeff Eastin (who should get all the praise in the world) made it clear that this version of the ending was actually an idea from Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay, and it changed from Neal getting his official freedom, which was the original idea.

As for some of what you saw at the end with Neal in Paris, and all the tricks leading up to it, Eastin explained how the entire sequence was set up:

“The real idea there was the relationship between Peter and Neal, that chase that we started. In the world of White Collar, that pursuit will just continue forever. The moment Peter discovers that [Neal] set the entire thing up, I’m hoping people will go, ‘OK. Neal tricked us one more time.’ Obviously, there’s a playing card inside there to indicate that Mozzie had been there before. So Mozzie will also continue on with Neal. And that, really, Neal’s finally free. The entire series, we’ve tried desperately to get Neal to Paris. We figured that if there’s one place that an art thief needs to be, it’s in Paris. So we’re finally able to do that in the very final moment, which I’ve very, very happy about.”

Is there a possibility for more of the show moving forward? While we don’t know if there’s a full-fledged season 7 coming (that’d be great), we could envision a TV movie somewhere down the road. Schedule-wise, that makes it easier on the cast, and if there is a great idea, there are so many things still worth exploring in this universe.

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