‘The Colbert Report’ finale airs tonight; five great memories

Highlights -As someone who remembers watching the very first episode of “The Colbert Report” many years ago, we really have to say that it leaving tonight is going to be a tough pill to swallow. We enjoyed so much about this show, from its humor to its wit to at times the way Stephen Colbert completely disarmed everyone he came in contact with. Plus, he was creating memes before memes were really a thing.

The truth here is that we could spend a good 10,000 words discussing some of the moments from this show over the years that we really enjoyed, but for the sake of brevity, and because our brain is reeling from five lengthy “Survivor” exit interviews this morning, we’re going to try to condense into five moments, whether they be individual events or recurring sketches, that we loved the most.

5. The entire Colbert Super PAC drama – In a lengthy attempt to skewer the worthlessness of Political Action Committees, and all of the money they waste, Colbert created his own. Then, real-life politicians freaked out over it. You can read more about it right now over at the link here.

4. Colbert’s tribute to his mother – One of the few times over the entire series where he truly broke character, and one where it is hard even still to not get choked up.

3. The Threat-Down – Without this segment, we would not know about Stephen’s hatred for robots, bears, and/or robot bears. Pure greatness every time. It slightly edges Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger for favorite random segment.

2. Colbert runs for President – We loved this in the early days of the show more than we can ever say. What was even better about it was that there were a few days when it seemed like he was actually going to get on the ballot.

1. Better Know a District – Completely absurd, but also extremely hilarious. In the early days, this was a brilliant takedown of Congress members who never saw his line of questioning coming. We have never laughed harder.


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