‘Scorpion’ season 1, episode 10 review: Sylvester conquers fears, Drew abandons Ralph again

The last episode of “Scorpion” built up quite a bit of tension for the viewers as we saw Walter being courted by another woman and Drew trying to make a move on Paige to bring them together as a family. Neither Paige nor Walter decided to go for their suitors, but does that mean that they plan on being with each other?

Drew left Ralph at Christmas for baseball tryouts… proving once again that baseball is more important then spending time with his son during the holidays. Paige doesn’t seem that  upset about it (which was a little shocking), because we as fans were not happy to see it all going to crap again.

With the case of the week, Sylvester is making some bad math calculations, but instead of Walter realizing that something must be wrong with him, he’s lashing out at him for not being more accurate. Is it possible that his rumble with an explosive last week has him still shaken up? No – as it turns out he is shaken up by the case of the week since it covers all of Sylvester’s phobias and when he tells Megan that he’s planning on leaving team Scorpion she gives him some tough love telling him that he needs to get over it and help or leave the team. He mans up and conquers some of his fears to help!

Toby learns that Happy has been working at the garage with her father and still hasn’t told him that she’s his daughter. After seeing a boy struggling to stay alive, and begging to be with his family, Happy decides to go see her father. She chickens out of telling him the truth, but her father tells her that he knew who she was the moment she walked in the shop. He explains why he wasn’t there for her, they patch things up and she invites him to Christmas dinner with the Scorpion gang. Easily the best part of the episode.

We were hoping for a little more holiday interaction with the team, especially between Paige and Walter, but we were let down. Drew abandoning his son for baseball again during a special time and Paige not really caring felt off. Not our favorite episode and a weak way to end the series for the winter. Episode grade: C-

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Scorpion” and are you a fan of the Paige character more then we are?

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