What ‘The Newsroom’ season 4 could have been

Sunday night, “The Newsroom” season 3, and the series as a whole, is coming to a close on HBO. To think this was at one point a show that we really hoped would be a six-season institution. Instead, we basically have a series that lasted for only 25 episodes. This is only one episode more than some crime procedurals have in a single season.

Ultimately, it feels like the show is ending mostly because Aaron Sorkin decided to move forward, and we cannot really blame him for that. TV is exhausting work, and it is probably even more so when you are writing the majority of the episodes, and routinely getting beaten up by critics for them.

Had there been a fourth season of the show, though, we wanted to present a list of things that we would have wanted to see.

1. The show take on more real newsroom crises, including prank phone-calls, serious threats, and trying to react to having a new head of ACN’s news division that was not Charlie.

2. Seeing more of the relationship between Jim and Maggie after they finally managed to get together.

3. More of the complicated dynamic between politicians and news anchors, who have a constant push and pull when it comes to information.

4. More than anything else, more real-life news stories for “News Night” and Will McAvoy to take on.

We suppose in the end, it is better that the show is leaving us wanting more, than a show that long over-stayed its welcome. Still, we really wish that there had been one more year for the show to shine.

What would you have wanted to see had “The Newsroom” continued? Share your thoughts with a comment.

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