‘Shark Tank’ review: Q-Flex acupuncture, Hoppy Paws, Eve Drop lights, Mensch on a Bunch

The latest -Tonight, let’s hope you were ready to celebrate! “Shark Tank” had Christmas lights, fake hoof prints, and interestingly enough, a holiday themed book all about Hanukkah. Also, there was one random product thrown in here for good measure.

As with every other episode of “Shark Tank,” we’ve got our take on every product to go along with a link. That way, you can go and see what is going on with it online for yourself!

Mensch on a Bench – We feel like the property is cute, and that there’s a chance to make this into a relative success. It’s never going to be a $50 million brand, mostly because you are catering to too small of an audience in Jewish children who want something like this. There were still many offers on the plate, and that included Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner. He negotiated a smart deal with them that ensured that he was going to get a good value for his product, mostly because it included a payback guarantee.

Eve Drop – A new way to think about Christmas lights. It is an interesting product, and a way to save a little bit of time this holiday season. We actually don’t hate it like Kevin O’Leary does; it’s just far too early, there are no sales, and there is no real proof of concept here. With there being no guarantee that this could even remotely work, why would you dive into an unproven seasonal product? No deal.

Q-Flex Acupuncture – Can you give yourself this treatment? This is another example of a very-new product, but a nice idea. The twist here is if you can really figure out a way to balance this out. This is a really inspiring story; the fact that this young entrepreneur has gone door-to-door getting sales is impressive. You could tell Mark Cuban loved them from the get-go, and we feel like that is why he made an offer on this. It was one of those things where he is investing in the people, and thanks to that, they may be able to have a winning product in the end. Deal with Mark and Barbara Corcoran.

Hoppy Paws – A fun way to add decoration. Also, probably one of the best presenters we’ve ever seen on this show. It didn’t matter that she had no sales, and that this was a complete gamble. She sold it! She proved her determination, and did crazy things in just 90 days. We really think that this is going to be a big hit. Barbara Corcoran struck an interesting deal with her, and we feel like it’s going to make her a ton of money: She got 49% of the company for $100,000, she gets the opportunity to be equal partner on future ideas, and she is opening a line of credit. This is all sorts of awesome for all involved.

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