Best of 2014: ‘Faking It,’ ‘Once Upon a Time,’ ‘Supernatural’ among Best Fanbase nominees

Can you believe that we are near the end of the road for our CarterMatt Best of 2014 nominations? We only have a few categories left, but we’ve always enjoyed this one in particular since it is all about the fans: Best Fanbase.

Our criteria for our nominees this time is simple: We’ve looked at our comments over the past year, trending topics on social media, fan videos, and awards-show voting to determine which fans are really willing to go all out the hardest for their shows. These are the five shows this year that were the perfect storm in that regard!

Voting starts immediately, and this category is going to close on Christmas Eve, which does so happen to be the day that the results for this particular category are announced. You can see all of the other categories / dates at the bottom of the article.

Arrow (The CW) – Whether you ‘ship Olicity, watch for the action, or are begging for more Malcolm Merlyn screen time, there is one constant: You love a really fun show that may be the best superhero adaptation ever on TV. Rejoice in that!

Faking It (MTV) – Quite possibly more Tumblrs per viewer than any show ever. Also, dedicated on Twitter, avid ‘shippers of the characters, and deeply invested in every twist in the story. Also, this show is probably a beacon to many of its fans, who may related to the stories in characters in some way better than with any other show.

Once Upon a Time (ABC) – Extremely passionate for four years running. On CarterMatt, the biggest fan reaction this year was when we found out that Elsa was going to be appearing on the fourth season. That reveal alone showed us still how powerful this base really is.

Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) – Pretty much after every shocker this show delivers, we get a sense of the the excitement that is still here for this show. It’s basically a classic mystery with a billion twists, and despite being for a “young audience,” it actually challenges its fans so much more than many shows designed for an older crowd.

Supernatural (The CW) – What’s so impressive about this fan base is that for many years, their devotion kept this show on the air. Many cynics thought the Friday move would kill it; instead, it’s now one of the longest-running shows in the sci-fi / fantasy genre ever.

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