‘Law & Order: SVU’ season 16, episode 9 video: Rollins senses a connection

Law & Order: SVU logoIf you have been following all things “Law & Order: SVU” for a while, you are probably familiar already with the news that Rollins is going to be spending some time with some people from her past Wednesday night. Specifically, we are talking here about her time in Atlanta.

So why is “Pattern Seventeen” specifically tracing back to her time there? The sneak peek below from NBC makes that information a little clearer. We find out that there is a serial rapist on the loose in New York City, and based on their M.O., there are some similarities between them and someone that Rollins remembers from her time working there. It was not her case, but it is only going to take her a phone call to get her some more information.

We would imagine that this is how Harry Hamlin’s character starts to enter the world of this show, and we know already that he has some sort of history with Rollins. That doesn’t mean necessarily that it is romantic, but history is still history and we’ll see just how this matters in the context of the show.

The one thing that we are most excited to see during this episode is just how all of this past influences the present, and if Rollins can step up and use this experience to take the rapist down.

Benson, meanwhile, may be preoccupied at times during this episode as she continues to fight to show that she is a fit mother for Baby Noah. Expect to see some familiar faces turn up, as well.

(Photo: NBC.)

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