‘Once Upon a Time’ season 4, episode 10 review: Did Emma, Anna, Elsa stop the Snow Queen?

Evil Queen -Tonight’s “Once Upon a Time” was the culmination of much of the past few weeks, and it was by and large awesome. “Shattered Sight” brought out the worst of all the characters, and as viewers, it became a personal favorite out of the entire season.

The first thing that the episode really did so well was give us a real sense of the sense of drama that was awaiting around almost every turn. The Evil Queen was truly evil again, and she squared off with Snow White and Emma at various times. We love this side of the character, and this was a very nice reminder of who she once was.

We knew that nothing too horrible was going to happen to any of these characters in the midst of the battle, so we were able to just enjoy this.

Also, we learned through a series of flashbacks just how Emma and Ingrid knew each other, and whether or not there was a way to stop her evil plan. As it turned out, all Ingrid wanted was yet again to be loved … which ended rather conveniently in a form of a letter from her parents. This was probably the weakest part of the episode, mostly because Ingrid is the same villain that we’ve seen for a few seasons now. Family never gives up on each other, and so on.

Despite however convenient that letter from Ingrid’s sister really was, watching her throw herself on her own sword to protect her family. This was really made thanks to an excellent performance by Elizabeth Mitchell, who really was great in this role.

This episode, despite its flaws, was pure entertainment. It made most of this “Frozen” storyline and the buildup worth it. Grade: A-.

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