‘The Amazing Race 25’ episode 10 review: Is someone’s ox broken?

Amazing Race -There is nothing more that we enjoy beyond a great “Amazing Race” throwback, and tonight’s new episode brought back memories of the great Colin & Christie having a full-on meltdown in a rice patty. However, we did not have anyone proclaim “my ox is broken” in the midst of a tantrum; we did still have an entertaining leg, though!

This episode took us to the Philippines, which is the first time in a long time that the show has been in the country. There were entertaining tasks, and in addition to all of that, there were some big surprises.

The only big criticism that we have of the ox task is that there is a certain element of it that is dependent on luck, and we really don’t like this playing a big role in the outcome of a leg. We’d probably be happier if this task was at the start of the leg rather than the end of it.

We want to say that the wrestlers completely screwed themselves with this task, but they really made a mistake in not checking the size of their pond for the ox challenge. They lowered their chances, and we saw at the end that they also cannot win against the surfers in a footrace. Tough stuff. We wanted to give them more credit, too, since they actually made the right move in choosing the fish Detour over the fixing a sidecar. They could just hammer through the physical task, and hope some people struggled with the other. Luckily, this was a non-elimination leg as predicted, and all of the fun teams this season remained. (With that, did Robbie actually celebrate coming in last place by flexing a bicep?)

This was a really fun episode despite our criticisms, and we still feel like this is the best season of the show in years. If only the ratings were better, and some other could appreciate it. Grade: B+.

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