‘The Fall’ season 2, episode 4 review: Slow episode reveals little for Stella Gibson, Paul Spector

The FallWhen we last saw Paul Spector on “The Fall” he was finally getting a leg up on Stella who has pretty much been in control all season. We were starting to wonder if Paul was going to get caught this easily, but it looks like Paul and his partner in crime Katie are a force to be reckoned with and Stella is going to have to bring her “A” game to catch him.

After checking the surveillance footage at her hotel, Stella learns that Paul was in the room with her and Jim during his confession and that he mentioned Paul by name – so he knows that the police are closing in on him. Stella admits that she almost decided to say yes to Jim’s advances, that she is human and get’s lonely.

Stella learns that Paul Spector is Annie’s  bereavement counselor and heads to the hospital to move Annie to a safer place and waits for Paul’s arrival. When he gets to the hospital and sees Annie not there, he realizes that Stella is on to him trying to leave as quickly as possible, but his wife Sally shows up to talk to him.  She tells him that his kids need him and that he needs to step up as a father, so he agrees to leave with her and spend some time with the family.

After learning that Paul is a person of interest, Annie’s memory starts to return and she identifies Paul as the man who attacked her. When another dead body of a young woman with brown hair turns up, Stella worries that it is Rose, but its not her.

Stella has her team move into Paul’s family home and sets up surveillance in hopes of a lead to Rose and of course giving them more evidence to use towards his capture. They don’t have a warrant to search for evidence so they are trying to be careful, but when the ceiling in the house falls in as the Spector’s are heading home they make it look like a flood and quickly get out of the house. The flood sends Paul’s wife and kids away from the house, but he stays to investigate further… he is suspicious.

Paul asks Katie if she is ready to move into the darkness with him and she says that she is. Katie is ready to do anything for him, and he reminds her of the darkeness that is already in her life. She says that she doesn’t know how to get pleasure from suffering, but Paul brings ideas to her head that turns her against her friend.

A much slower episode then last week (or really any other episode this whole season) and with only a few episodes in a season, we expected a lot more movement then we had this week. Episode grade: C

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