‘Sherlock’ season 4: Benedict Cumberbatch on bringing familiar roles to life

Sherlock season 3It takes quite a bit to play an exemplary character these days, but it takes even more than that when this said character is someone who has been played many times over by some other characters. This is something that has caused many actors to fall short of the mark, and they deal with that sort of sting for some time.

Luckily, we are seeing in Benedict Cumberbatch at the moment a man who has managed to defy some of those odds. Despite following so many others in playing such parts as Sherlock Holmes and Richard III, he managed to consistently bring something else to roles that could swallow lesser men alive.

So what does Cumberbatch think about the audience response to some of these roles he has taken on? Speaking per PBS, the humble man gives all of the glory to the audience, rather than anything in particular that he is doing:

“It means that the culture can obviously take reinterpretations of these great, great, iconic roles and also there’s something in each, all of those performances that still draws people in.”

You will have a chance to see Cumberbatch perform both of these roles again within the next fourteen months or so. There is no locked-in air date just yet for the upcoming “Sherlock” special, but conventional wisdom suggests that it will be coming on the air at around Christmas 2015, and maybe a month or so later in America depending on what PBS wants to do with it.

As for details about this special, we’re going to be waiting a time for some of those, as well.

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